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Club Kit - Now Available to Order

Our new club vests and t-shirts are now available to order.

  1. If you are a new member and have yet to receive your free club vest then please get in touch with me and we will order it for you.

  2. Existing members who have previously received a club vest can now order the new ones direct from our supplier. They are £14 plus £4 post and packing.

Our supplier is Sprinters based in North Yorkshire and the contact there is Jason Pattison. Jason is a keen runner and is happy to answer any queries. They have a long track record of supplying running kit and he knows his stuff.

They are currently developing a new website which, when complete, will allow members to order direct and pay online. At present they don't have a website but you can email your order through and then pay online. Once their website is online we will be able to upload the fuller range of Postal branded kit and accessories, all of which you will be able to order direct from them.

Send an email with your order to and within the email please confirm the following:

  1. Your name and delivery address

  2. If you would like a vest or t-shirt

  3. Size and whether you want a ladies or gents

Jason at Sprinters will then confirm the price and the bank details. Once you've paid they will send your shirt.

Sizing is as follows:

Gents / Unisex t-shirt - XS=35, S=38, M=40, L=43, XL=45, XXL=48

Gents / Unisex vest - S=38, M=40, L=43, XL=45, XXL=48

Ladies t-shirts - XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16, XXL=18

Ladies vests - XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16

Images of the new kit are shown below with the stamp logo and stripe on the front and our club name on the back.

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