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Au revoir France

There's only been one news item overnight that has caught the eye of Sky Sports. Both teams have made new signings and I've been kind to them. It's a long way to Moscow so I've let each new signing back date their mileage for 7 days.

Team Minster Inn welcome DGB to their ranks. I thought I'd played a blinder when I made an executive decision to count his mileage over the last 7 days. 49 miles, thank you DGB! Before you Pocket to Socketers start whingeing just read on as you've got a saviour.

Welcome to P2S, Dom Carter! 55 miles is Dom's opening contribution to his new team. If you see him out on the streets make sure you say thank you.

There's been plenty more miles than that logged overnight though so where does it all leave us? The Minster Inn team are clearly feeling rejuvenated after their day of slumber. They've put the work in and closed the gap big style. Kissed goodbye to France and stormed into Belgium. Their overnight stop was in the beautiful city of Antwerp. Plenty of you will have been I'm sure. Here it is in all its glory.

Now I've never been to Antwerp but I have a story about them. Back in the very early 90s they reached the final of the Cup Winners Cup and played Parma at Wembley. I was at Uni in the Midlands at the time and on hearing there were tickets available for a European final we set off for Wembley to watch the game. Can't tell you much more than that apart from the fact that Parma won.

481.72 miles clocked for Mini Inn and 109 miles from the finish in Amsterdam.

What about all you P2Sers then? Well you're still in the lead but it's been cut in half. 498.78 miles done for these guys and 92 miles from the finish of the leg.

P2S have made it through the Belgian / Dutch border and find themselves in the tiny village of Zuidgeest. A village tiny that Google images don't have an image of it. Or not on page one anyway and who ever goes to page two? Does it even exist?

Can P2S cling onto their shrinking lead. Not far now to Amsterdam, we will be there today with beer and cake awaiting the victors.

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