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Are we nearly there yet?

Sorry for the missing report last week, I was on me holidays and the laptop stayed at home. Here's an effort at a bit of a catch up for those two weeks when it looks like we had Posties descending to all corners of the UK for parkruns, half marathons, trail races and good old ultras.

First up is the Cole's with goals in mind by the looks of it. Sophie & Elliot were up in the fine city of Edinburgh to take part in their half marathon. My initial observation based on the evidence presented is to question their respective pre-race routines. It seems to me that Sophie is a planner. Prepare well and run well could be her motto. How do I know this? Check out the image below for confirmation that someone's race number was safely stowed away for the journey north. The same cannot be said for Elliot's, which looks like it has just completed an ultra. In the rain. Unless the photo was post race in which case I'm thinking Sophie ran the race with her number in a waterproof envelope, safely stored between the pages of a hardback book.

Nice to see the numbers giving a full on description, we concur that Elliot is indeed a white male. Not so sure about a green female for Sophie unless you were feeling a bit nauseous post race?

Down to business. A huge well done to both of them with some very impressive times. Elliot finishing in 1.18.28 and Sophie in 1.43.43. I don't imagine there are too many Posties who have achieved a sub 80 minute finish for a half marathon. For the curious out there, it equates to 3.43 per KM or a parkrun of 18.35 ish x 4 and a bit. Whichever way you look at it, it's very impressive.

Whilst all that was going on we had Dee Bouderba on the start line of the Hardmoors 110, a mere 110 (ish) mile jaunt along the Cleveland Way from Filey Brigg to Helmsley. The start gun (or shout in this case) is at 8am on the Saturday morning and you've got 36 hours to finish by 8pm on the Sunday evening. Do the maths and it works out at roughly one parkrun per hour. Sounds easy, right? Maybe early on but 30 hours of parkruns later after a night in Guisborough woods and an ascent (and descent) of Roseberry Topping, the 3 Sisters and various other 'charming' hills tends to take its toll.

I was busy dot watching on the tracking app and was sad to see Dee retire at Clay Bank. No mean feat though with about 75 miles completed. Cracking effort as always Dee and we look forward to hearing about the next one.

Remaining on the trail front, we were up in the Lakes over the weekend where Lucy was taking part in the Ullswater 20. A 20 ish mile affair around the banks of, you guessed it, Ullswater. Starting in Glenridding then going anti-clockwise around the lake and up and down one or two pesky hills before reaching half way at Pooley Bridge and then back round t'other side of said lake via more hills before finishing back where they started.

A beautiful setting for a race and it was great to see a smiling Lucy finishing just over 6 hours after setting off.

I think that just leaves two week's worth of parkrun results but apologies as always if I have missed your result. I usually have a scan of the YPH Strava group and then look over a few of the common results websites. If your parkrun result doesn't appear below then it will be because you haven't linked YPH to your profile. You can edit your profile from any of your results emails.

4th June


35th Jess Hayward (and 3rd lady) 21.14


82nd Jackie Mitchell 30.25

Beverley Westwood

24th Jon Davies 22.31

Haigh Woodland

16th Jamie Butler 22.06

35th Rob Butler 25.01


52nd Harriet Sleight 25.07

68th Di Campbell 26.49


127th Alex Davis 24.03

Keppel (great to see it back)

5th Andy Ellwood 33.09

New Earswick

68th Karen Travis 31.15

Peter Pan

2nd Dom Carter 18.32

7th Jim Carter 19.11

14th Andy Heather 20.50

Rutland Water

2nd Ian Smithson 17.13

Tamar Trails

48th Phil Raddall 28.13

Whinlatter Forest

87th Simon Middleton 40.09


7th Glynn Ellwood 17.27

254th Laura Robson 28.01

425th Lisa Ellwood 42.51

28th May

Bath Skyline

99th Harriet Sleight 26.13


1st Simon Middleton 18.45

33rd Lucy Turner 28.02


56th Andy Ellwood 24.55

62nd Phil Raddall 25.34

152nd Lisa Ellwood 44.49


126th Laura Robson 29.26


53rd Kev Armstrong 28.24

New Earswick

15th Andrew Halcro-Johnston 23.57

Oakwell Hall

21st Jamie Butler 23.28

42nd Rob Butler 26.01


23rd Jess Hayward (and 1st lady) 22.29

The Cinder Track

17th Mark Dodsworth 21.17

Victoria Dock

4th Glynn Ellwood 17.15

38th Mel Ellwood (and 2nd lady) 21.34


11th Dom Carter 18.21

21st Jim Carter 19.22

48th Andy Heather 20.43

98th Alex Davis 22.30

321st Jackie Mitchell 29.20

That's it, I think! Looking forward to the next race in the Summer League Series, taking place at the Knavesmire tomorrow (7th June) at 7.30pm. It's flat, it's 3 laps, you know it like the back of your hand. See you all there.

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