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A talented bunch

The anagram comp is over and you've proved what an eclectic range of word skills exist amongst the YPH faithful. Plenty of bonus miles have been awarded so if you think the mileage chart suggests you've run a marathon then that's why. It's clear that our family of runners have a range of body parts frequently on their mind judging by the quality of attempts.

Big shout out to Jo with her dual effort although I'm not sure what she's trying to tell us. Jo went from 'Ten martinis in me' straight to 'Mistreat me in Inn'. Maybe the latter happens after the former. Best ask Jo.

Credit to Phil as well for adopting his 1970's anything goes and no-one cares approach using both team names to deliver a monster answer. That also involved body parts.

Gold medal for the poorest attempt went to my team mate, Mr Hatfield. I'm sorry Paul but I can't let Meat Inn Minster go unmentioned. You've only changed one word and I can't award bonus miles for that! Happy to discuss next time I see you on Haxby Rd.

Anyway, back to the running. 338 miles delivered yesterday, including plenty of bonuses. Mini Inn clocked up 213 miles with P2S on 125 leaving an overall gap of around 250 miles. P2S need to rock up and take part in the next bonus miles comp, simple as that.

Mini Inn have hit the first proper climb in the race in Dartmoor. I don't think we scaled this particular pile of rocks but our National Parks at sunset take some beating.

This Dartmoor image was re-enacted by 2 of Mini Inn's runners yesterday as they paid homage to our National Parks. Here's Mel and Glynn in a setting that will be familiar to a few of you.

P2S were still on the beach in Worthing, Sussex. Me thinks they were enjoying the sunshine and ice cream too much. Even Coach was getting involved, last seen taking part in a Punch & Judy sketch where he was witnessed demonstrating the benefits of dynamic stretching to a very flustered Judy.

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